DAO are one of the fastest growing sectors that can disrupt the world we live in


The cryptocurrency world goes through a phase of extreme hype in some particular area every year. 2020 was the year of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and alternatives to the traditional financial system. 2021 is undoubtedly the year of NFTs and digital collectibles in art and music.

Another trend that is gaining traction in the industry is DAOs, or Decentralized and Autonomous Organizations. In a nutshell, DAOs are software that allow redesigning social governance through the use of decentralized, trustless and transparent protocols in which participants manage the rules and proposals for improvement.

Thanks to Smart Contracts, DAOs are able to define…

Bitcoin and Ethereum might both be popular cryptocurrencies, but they have several key differences, starting with the topic of Turing Complete and non-Turing Complete languages.

When approaching the world of Blockchain as a developer for the first time, a very important question arises: where do I start? There are almost 10 thousand cryptocurrencies and projects already out in the field, each with its own respective internal dynamics. With so many options on the market, it’s necessary to try to clarify what really makes sense for you to focus on and what doesn’t.

Undoubtedly the two most important cryptocurrencies, both for the capital behind them and the resonance throughout the decentralized world, are Bitcoin and Ethereum. …

What are Algorithmic Stablecoins? How do they work and what ecosystem exists around this industry?

The topic considered for the first chapter of the research collaboration with Economics Design and Lemniscap for Algorithmic Stable Coins.

Without going into the details of their operation and the reason for their existence, a topic widely discussed in the research downloadable here, these coins and related projects are attracting a lot of attention. The scope of this post is to share the highlights and main findings of the research carried out over 8 projects that differ from each other in mechanisms and stabilization algorithms.

What are Algorithmic stablecoins?

Algorithmic stablecoins are tokens pegged to a fiat currency which is usually the US dollar…

Bitcoin might be a big buzzword but most of us know it’s not ready to scale to fit into our daily lives. Here’s how the Lightning Network can change that.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

There’s no doubt that in the past few months you have heard about Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that recently surpassed $1 trillion in market capitalization. More and more people are trying to understand the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, how they work and their potential to change the world. Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular are not only the oldest and most well-known protocols but also the first and second cryptocurrency by capitalization. Although these protocols are often considered a very real opportunity for the future of finance, they are also often criticized for their poor technical features (and for good reason).

Let’s delve into the concept of Bitcoin’s intrinsic value through a study of the competitors, the motivations that make the cryptocurrency “useful” and research from Kraken Intelligence.

Bitcoin Intrinsic Value

When discussing Bitcoin, the concept of the asset’s intrinsic value is often expressed. “What intrinsic value does Bitcoin have?” or “What does Bitcoin support?” are just a few of the criticisms or questions that are asked. But what does intrinsic value really mean? How does this concept position itself in the age of the Internet and virtual currencies? Let’s try to clarify starting from the definition and going to “search” for the famous intrinsic value of Bitcoin

Definition and first examples

The notion of “intrinsic value” is a long-standing financial concept that dates back more than a century and is at the heart of…

In the previous article, we openly discussed how the first layer 2 solution proposed to scale the Ethereum Blockchain, namely Plasma, worked. While the proposed solution improved speed and eliminated a good portion of unnecessary data from the main chain, users were forced to wait a long time to withdraw their funds while also facing risks regarding the immutability of transactions. Plasma and its hundreds of thousands of sidechain transactions do not solve the problem thoroughly leaving a large amount of data saved off chain to validate transactions from off to on-chain. …

June 5 2021 is a date that will undoubtedly remain in the history of cryptocurrency and all humanity: the president of the state El Salvador during the Bitcoin conference in Miami announced that he will propose a law to make bitcoin a legal tender in the state, along with the dollar. “Next week I will send to Congress a bill that will make bitcoin a legal currency,” Bukele said. The announcement made in conjunction with Jack Mellers, founder of the Strike platform, marks a historic partnership for the entire ecosystem by beginning the process of separating state and currency. …

What are the solutions to Ethereum’s scalability? Let’s find out in this series of articles that delve into the topic and let’s try to understand the differences between the various systems

Photo by Kellen Barnes on Unsplash

One of the most discussed topics in recent months within the crypto community and in particular the Ethereum one is without a doubt scalability. Without going into detail about the scalability of the network itself, it is important to recognize how Ethereum is an open construction site in search of a solution. From its earliest months, the Altcoin by definition has never been able to find an effective solution to its scalability issues. Starting in 2020 with the boom in DeFi and Yield Farming the search for an effective and efficient solution has intensified to the point where many solutions…

Why is Bitcoin the best form of hard money ever invented? Let’s find out by comparing it with the competitors and the asset it is often (wrongly) paired with

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

Very often when talking about Bitcoin with people who have just met it there are many questions that arise and sometimes remain unanswered. From this point of view, the media certainly does not help novices to deeply understand the intrinsic qualities of cryptocurrency by bringing examples and false myths that result in extreme ignorance in the field. It all starts with a simple step that no one takes to fully understand how Bitcoin works: reading the whitepaper. The analogy is similar with any equipment and software language that surrounds us: before using it or allowing yourself to have an opinion…

Let’s find out how Polygon works, one of the most interesting projects in the crypto space that tries to solve a very deep-rooted problem in the industry


One of the problems that has always plagued the world of cryptocurrencies and in particular the Ethereum ecosystem is scalability. By scalability, we mean the ability of a Blockchain and its consensus algorithm to increase transactions per second (or TPS) as the number of users entering the network increases. At the moment, the major cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the communities behind them are addressing this issue with a keen eye. As retail and institutional adoption increases, these protocols need to be able to deliver significantly better performance than they currently do.

While Lightning Network exists for Bitcoin, the…

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