Let’s find out what Arbitrum, Ethereum’s Layer 2 that uses rollups to improve scalability, is all about. Here’s how it works

Scalability is an increasingly hot topic in the Blockchain world and especially in the Ethereum ecosystem. As seen in other posts there are several solutions to increase the scalability of the Blockchain and one of the most interesting are Rollups. …

NFTs are a hot topic in the last months and as time goes by they are developing very interesting use cases also in the financial and money lending field.

Within the world of DeFi there are many Lending & Borrowing platforms with which to receive stablecoin loans for use in other protocols. Aave, Maker DAO, Compound and Liquidity are just a few of the protocols available in the Ethereum world that are attracting millions of users.

With the growth…

NFTs are a container for digital certification of objects representing the physical world or the metaverse. But how does metadata actually work? Where is it stored?

Non-fungible tokens are currently one of the most discussed topics in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world. The functionality and use cases resulting from this implementation of Smart Contracts allows interactions with many areas in everyday life. Behind every token there is the concept of metadata, which describes the multimedia content…

What are wrapped tokens? How can they be used in DeFi? Here is an explanatory guide


In the world of DeFi there are many concepts without which the ecosystem could not function and progress. There are oracles, which provide data and prices present outside the Blockchain, there are Governance tokens, for the management of protocols in a decentralized way and there are the so-called Wrapped Tokens.

The first Blockchains were not designed to have very high tps and that’s why Layer 2 was studied and developed. But what are they? What categories are the developments focusing on?

Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum clearly have a scalability problem that does not allow them to withstand a very high transaction load. While for many this is used as an argument to prove the inefficiency of the technology, for those in the industry it is hardly news.

As Al Finney…

Ever heard of Uniswap? How is it possible to create DEX through Smart Contracts? Let’s find out how AMMs work and what are the key concepts behind them

One of the most interesting applications in the world of DeFi are without the AMMs or Automated Market Makers, which are particular contracts that make possible the quotation and exchange of digital assets without the help of an order-book.

The AMM, specifically, is a Smart Contract that holds assets and…

A Collateralized Stable Coin is a fungible token that is entirely or almost entirely backed by collateral held in a reserve of the protocol that issued that token. How do they work? How do they remain stable?

The topic considered for this research is Collateralized Stable Coins, research downloadable here. Together with Algorithmic Stable Coins, research downloadable here, these digital coins are attracting lots of attention from investors and are greatly innovating the world of DeFi with increasingly efficient protocols creating new use cases for users. The…

Smart Contracts are software that allow you to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain and create decentralized applications. But how does their deployment work? What happens to the code when it is published?

The deployment of a Smart Contract is essential to expose the developed functions to users and then make the code public on a particular network. To publish the Smart Contract it is sufficient to send a transaction to the network concerned, in this case Ethereum, containing the compiled code. But…

Is it ever possible to merge the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance? Is it possible to use instruments like bonds within opensource, transparent and decentralized environments? Let’s see this experiment

The gap between DeFi and traditional finance is getting thinner and thinner in the last months. While on the one hand we have the development of decentralized protocols open to anyone, on the other hand we have the use of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds in regulated markets…

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